about-me-dr abhijit deshpande
about-me-dr-abhijit deshpande
about-me-dr-abhijit deshpande

Dr. Abhijit Deshpande is a wildlife and portrait photographer.

He is a practicing Physician and Cardiologist by profession and a self-taught, passionate photographer by choice. A chance close encounter, way back in 2006, enamoured him to the beauty & grace of the Tigers in the wild.
The journey in photography started there. It’s over a decade and a half & counting, and there has been no looking back for him! He is interested in photographing wildlife – both birds & mammals and goes to great lengths to realise the images he has conceived in his mind. Portraiture, aimed at capturing human moods & expressions, is another area of interest for him.
His portraits are never staged. Adept at shooting Digital & Film alike, his images have an authenticity seldom seen. The same authenticity is seen in his coffee too! Coffee carries a special place in his heart & soul. A certified coffee roaster, his adroitness with the art of brewing a good cup of coffee is a definite watch on a day when he is not clicking. Abhijit lives with his wife and two lovely kids in the city of Nagpur, India.